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When you're running an ethical business it's important to look at the issues from every angle. And fair trade isn't just about paying a fair price, this is only the start. Advance payments, supporting local communities and working with traditional artisan workers is equally important. So, here at Piccalilly are minds are wide open to working with different suppliers for very different reasons.

Fairtrade organic cotton

One thing we are sure about is that organic cotton is best for baby, the people along our supply chains and for our planet too. All Piccailly's organic cotton is Fairtrade certified and comes with The Fairtrade Mark - a guarantee that our cotton farmers are getting a better deal. Knowing and understanding our supply chain's is so important to us we've created a photographic exhibition to shout about the people behind the Piccalilly brand. In December 2008 we took our favourite photographer, Mark Ingram to India and followed our Fairtrade organic cotton from field to factory.

Piccalilly product stories

The result was some fabulous portraits and stories which form our exhibition ‘Fair Trade - In The Frame.' We'd love you to meet some of the people behind the Piccalilly brand - click here.

We'd also love to tell you about our very special organic cotton supply chain – it goes that little bit further! To find out how the Piccalilly Fairtrade organic cotton supply chain works – click here!

To see all our Fairtrade Certified cotton products - click here.


Fairly Traded

It's not easy making the right choices when you're running an ethical business. Whilst we are committed to using organic cotton small scale producers simply can't get access to credible supply chains or finance the auditing process. It poses us with a dilemma. Many small scale producers support local communities & traditional craftsmen. Because we are passionate about trading fairly, we feel it's important to work with our suppliers with a long term view to help them move towards more sustainable methods of production whilst maintaining traditional crafts and communities. Feedback from our customers is that you think it's important too. Of course it's all nicely designed with the Piccalilly modern look!

With this in mind we've been working with some lovely little companies who make some great products that sit happily alongside our main organic baby and kids wear. All our fairly traded ranges are sourced directly from the primary producer. We currently work with a supplier in Jaipur and a supplier in Bali whom we've had an ongoing relationship with since Piccalilly started in 2006. We trade constructively with these suppliers by paying 50% advances and placing regular and repeat orders. Both companies are socially compliant and pay good wages with no child labour, and with all companies we deal with we make regular visits. To find out more about our fairlly traded products click here.

We hope you like the information provided. Our suppliers are the foundation of Piccalilly and a starting point always when developing new ranges. And whilst we've set our standards high we're always open to learning, improving and being the best we can. Our aim is never to lose sight of these core beliefs and with this in mind we hope we're in for an exciting journey working with more suppliers in the future.

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