The Piccalilly transparent supply chain

Piccalilly's organic cotton supply chain tells a great tale - by caring for the people along this supply chain we know we are creating clothes you can trust are being ethically produced to the highest standards.


Our transparent organic cotton supply chain

Piccalilly Transparent Supply Chain

Piccalilly work in partnership with a Fairtrade & organic project in India called COFA (Chetna Organic Farmers Association). The Chetna supply chain is certified FLO cert and Piccalilly as the end user is licensed to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on all products supplied through this supply chain. The FAIRTRADE Mark is a guarantee that the supply chain meets with Fairtrade cotton criteria and guarantees that producers in developing countries are getting a better deal. But that's just the start! Our manufacturing partner pre-finance's the CHETNA Farmers and takes ownership of the cotton straight from the ginning factory. By doing it this way no one gets in a pickle about where the cotton comes from!

The Chetna project helps farmer's to convert to organic methods of farming through funding and education. It's an ongoing project that we're all investing in and each year it grows, taking on more and more farmers. Last count there were over 1500 Chetna farmers! To find out more about the Fairtrade Mark and the big story the Mark tells you, click here


Why organic cotton? - The farmer's side

Piccalilly Transparent Supply Chain

The impact of using harmful chemicals within cotton production is huge. The farmer's health is compromised and farmers end up in a cycle of debt as they borrow more and more money to pay for them. The suicide rate amongst cotton farmers as a result has become a big issue.

So by growing cotton organically, without the use of nasty (and expensive) chemicals the farmer and their local environment become's free from toxic chemicals. And that's not all, the cotton produced is silky soft, as well as strong and free from toxic residues.


Why organic cotton? - Because it's best for baby!

Piccalilly Transparent Supply Chain

Because a babies skin is 5 times thinner than a grown up it's really important to care what we put on their skin. Organic cotton is not only softer, it is free from harmful chemical residues and the result is a cotton that is less likely to trigger allergies and much kinder on delicate skin.

Most parents want to give their babies the best start when they are little and we are 100% certain that clothing made from organic cotton is a great start.


Ethical manufacturing and a 20% share in the profits for the Chetna farmers

Piccalilly Transparent Supply Chain

The processing of Piccalilly's organic cotton is safe in the hands of our manufacturing partner (the same one's who kindly pre-finance the Chetna farmers!) This forward thinking company gently process the cotton into fabric and manufacture the garments with great care. No formaldehyde, solvents, toxic chemicals or silicone based softeners are used ensuring the end result is free from toxic residues regularly found in garment manufacturing.

As an SA 8000 certified factory good wages (not minimum wages) are paid and strictly no child labour. Free meals are provided daily, free health care to the workers and their families and all employee's have the opportunity to progress and develop their roles within the company. But that's not all! To enable the Chetna farmers to enjoy the bigger fruits of success in today's growing market for organic and Fairtrade clothing we are delighted to tell you the farmers own a 20% share of our manufacturing company - now that's what we call Fair Trade!


GOTS Certification

GOTS Certification

All Piccalilly's organic cotton is certified organic by Control Union and ECOCERT to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standards.

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