Doing It The Piccalilly Way

Things have been moving fast for this ethical British brand. We launched in 2006 leading the way in producing a new generation of bright, fun and stylish organic cotton & fairly traded baby wear.

Then we were told to grow up (charming!), so we introduced clothes for kids too. But the truth is we don’t like to take things too fast, after all you can’t expect to save the planet whilst modelling your business on the fast fashion approach of the high street.

So here at Piccalilly we like to do things a little differently - we call it the Piccalilly way! And with this in mind we’ve worked hard to produce ranges that fit into our ethos and the things we believe in.

  • First things first. We want children to be children and this means dressing them as children. At the same time we try to work beyond stereotypes, so pastel pinks and blues are dominated by bolder colours and gorgeous shapes.
  • Creating timeless designs from premium quality organic cotton means a longer shelf life and ensures the products can be washed and washed before being handed down to another generation.
  • Style versus function, our aim is to make great looking clothes that are comfortable and practical too! We’ve incorporated scratch mitts on our nightdresses and made towels into ponchos for functional yet stylish designs.
  • We’re always trying to work out how we can get the maximum out of a product. By combining the best quality cotton with the right design we try to ensure the maximum wear out of a product. So, all our dresses are design to eventually be worn as tops and we know footless playsuits are popular with many mums who tire of cutting the feet out long legged grows.
  • We’re a pretty conscientious bunch here at Piccalilly and are always looking to maximise the fabrics we use within our factories. Time is taken to think about ways to maximise the use of all the fabrics that we use. For example off-cuts of Fairtrade organic cotton towelling fabric get made into wash cloths and other cotton off-cuts get made into fabric bunting.
  • Finally, the Piccalilly way is about doing it the right way ethically and never compromising in what we believe. Running an ethically conscious business certainly isn’t the fastest route to financial success. However by doing it the best way we possibly can, we hope we can go some way towards making a worthwhile contribution to the people that make our lovely products and our planet.

We hope you like the Piccalilly way. If you have ideas how we can improve what we do we’d love to hear from you – we’re not perfect (but we’d like to be) and our aim is definitely to be the very best that we can!

With love & best wishes
The Piccalilly Team

[email protected]

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