All Piccalilly organic baby clothes are certified to GOTS standards by The Soil Association.

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Bumblebee Baby Clothing

By choosing GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothes you’re choosing the best clothes for baby and helping to make a difference too.

No harmful chemicals

Tests on conventional baby clothes have revealed traces of pesticides, fire retardants, formaldehyde, and dyestuff. These residues potentially cause allergies and irritations, especially on newborn skin. Given that a baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult it’s important to minimize contact with chemicals.

Kinder to the environment

Organic farmers use natural techniques and don’t rely on chemical cocktails to control pests and diseases. Instead they use crop rotation and other methods to build healthy soils and grow healthy plants. By contrast, conventional cotton alone is responsible for 16% of all insecticide sold worldwide. Toxic hazardous pesticides can damage eco-systems, poison waterways, and endanger workers who can’t always afford the safety equipment to protect them.

Softer, durable, and comfortable to wear

Our organic cotton is not only farmed with more care it’s also hand-picked too. The quality of our long-stapled cotton ensures not only a super soft comfy finish but durability too, which is ideal for baby clothes which seem to need to be washed more frequently that adult clothing.

Kinder to wear on delicate skin

Piccalilly organic baby clothes are not only made using chemical and pesticide free organic cotton fibres they’re also processed according to strict standards for ecological and socially responsible production along the whole supply chain. We only use low-impact dyes and inks, meaning they do not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances. So, choosing baby clothes made with organic cotton over non-organic cotton can help reduce the chances of your baby's skin becoming irritated, which is especially important if your child has eczema or just general sensitive skin.

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Choosing Piccalilly organic baby clothes not only offers a great start for your baby it also helps to combat climate change, benefitting the farmers and nature too. Here at Piccalilly we’re created and large range of organic baby clothes for newborns, baby boys and baby girls.