Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Our extra-large muslins for baby have been a staple in the Piccalilly range for over 10 years now. Each season we’ve added to the range including new colourways and prints suitable for baby boys and girls, not to mention unisex combinations perfect for gifting. The fact that our muslin blankets have been a core part of our range for so long now underlines the fact that this soft and lightweight fabric offers something very special indeed, especially in the early life of a baby.

But what makes Piccalilly muslin blankets so very special and stand out from the crowd? Well, there are several reasons? Firstly, size is everything! Our muslin blankets are extra-large and measure a generous 120 x 120cm, which makes them much more versatile than a muslin cloth which normally measures between 30-60cm quare (more about muslin cloths below). Our Muslin Swaddle Blankets have all the benefits of a muslin cloth but because of its size it can be used for so much more – making it the best multi-functional muslin for baby.

Secondly, we make our Swaddle Blankets from a lightweight organic cotton muslin that gets softer and softer with every wash. Our organic cotton muslin fabric is finely woven making it extremely soft and breathable. Babies love the feel of our special fabric and over time can often become very attached and use them as a comforter for getting to sleep.

So, it’s supersized, it’s organic and it comes in a multitude of colours and prints. But what do parents do with their super soft organic muslin swaddle blankets? We asked members of our Piccalilly Chatterbox Facebook Group this very question and here’s what they replied;

  • They’re big enough to swaddle a newborn baby.
  • They’re great as a lightweight blanket.
  • Idea as a receiving blanket in hospital – so make sure it’s in your hospital bag!
  • Perfect for covering up whilst breast feeding.
  • Loosely drape as a bib if you’re caught short whilst out and about.
  • Because muslin is super absorbent, they’re brilliant for wiping and burping.
  • Many baby’s and toddlers become attached and use them as a blanket comforter.
  • Can be used as a changing mat or cot sheet

We do offer a little caution when using any muslin swaddle blanket and have a few safety tips.

  • If swaddling your baby do not allow baby to overheat.
  • Always put a swaddled baby to sleep on its back and not on its front.
  • Once a baby starts to transition into rolling its time to stop swaddling.
  • Never use a blanket to cover a pram as there is a risk that baby can overheat.
  • Never use a baby unsupervised with a muslin swaddle.

If you're looking for a really thoughtful newborn baby gift you can do no better than choose one of our Muslin Swaddle Blankets. We also now offer the option to purchase Muslins in packs of 2 or 3. All our muslin swaddles come presented on a Piccalilly presentation hanger with instructions on how to swaddle.

We mentioned above about the difference between a Muslin Swaddle Blanket and a Muslin Cloth.  We do however believe that muslin cloths have their place as a baby essential item too. A muslin cloth, sometimes known as a muslin square, is smaller in size and normally used for wiping and burping. In order to create the very best muslin cloth for baby we have developed our own version of a muslin square but with a few extra tricks thrown in! The Piccalilly version of a Muslin Square is called a Muslin Bandana Bib & Burp Cloth. If as a parent you've not yet purchased one you're in for a treat. It's a 35 x 35cm square of double thickness muslin cloth that can be folded into a bandana bib. It has specially placed poppers to attach around a babies neck and is another baby essential item for popping in a baby's changing bag and pulling out at feed time. The two way design of this Muslin Bib & Burp makes it super practical. Open it up to burp and wipe baby or fold, wrap and popper around baby's neck to use as a bib - Tah Dah!

Likewise with all our muslin ranges our Muslin Bib and Burp Cloths come in a range of colours and prints for baby girls and baby boys plus unisex designs too. This item makes a really thoughtful gift for a newborn baby and also comes displayed on a Piccalilly presentation hanger.

If you're interested in joining in discussions about Piccalilly products and how we use them then please head over to Facebook to join our closed Piccalilly Chatterbox Group.

This muslin bib & burp comes presented on a Piccalilly presentation hanger with instructions how to use.
This muslin bib & burp comes presented on a Piccalilly presentation hanger with instructions how to use.