Soft jersey dungarees are the perfect cloth nappy fit.

You’ve made the decision to choose cloth nappies? Spent hours checking out the different brands and types of reusable nappies available on the market. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is finding the perfect clothes to fit over a bigger cloth bum.

Here at Piccalilly our core business is organic baby clothing. Over time we’ve realised that many of our customers use reusable nappies and we’ve adapted the fit of our Piccalilly babywear to comfortably cover cloth nappies. Much of our baby and toddler clothing has been adapted based on fit sessions and feedback from parents to ensure a comfy fit over a reusable nappy.

When looking for clothing to fit over cloth nappies it’s best to choose soft and stretchy jersey fabrics rather than woven fabrics, as the fabric has more give. Stretch and movement within fabric is important and our organic cotton jersey just happens to be perfect for the job. It’s also important to choose styles that have enough room, without being too baggy. Tight clothing and woven fabrics are not ideal for fitting over reusable nappies as they can lead to compression leaks, which of course no one wants. When it comes to trousers or leggings it’s important to look at high rise or harem styles over slim fits.

Feedback from our Piccalilly Chatterbox group on which styles are best for fitting over reusable nappies suggest that our jersey dungarees for baby and toddler are the perfect everyday playwear to fit over a cloth nappy. Our soft jersey pull-up trousers also come with plenty of wiggle room too and can be teamed with one of our generous sized baby bodysuits. For younger babies choose our sleepsuits and rompers which are designed big enough to fit over both cloth and disposable nappies alike and come with additional benefits including fold-over foot cuffs. Parents also love our baby nightgowns for easy peasy night-time nappy changes. They come with an elasticated bottom meaning no fiddly poppers to do up in the dark and they simply pull down over a baby’s legs and feet.

So, here’s a summary to help you choose the best clothing to fit over washable nappies;

  • Choose your fabrics carefully.
  • Go for soft jersey over restrictive woven’s.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothing which can lead to compression leaks.
  • Piccalilly jersey dungarees are the perfect fit during the daytime and come in a huge range of colours and prints.
  • Piccalilly pull-up trousers come with plenty of space to cover a bigger cloth bum!
  • Piccalilly sleepsuits and rompers have plenty of wiggle room for reusable nappies.
  • Piccalilly baby nightgowns are perfect for new baby and make night-time nappy changes super easy.

If you’re considering using cloth nappies and would like to find out more then join the Piccalilly Chatterbox Group over on Facebook.

“I've found your brand (honestly) makes clothing ideal for cloth nappies. In over 2 years we've never had an issue. Your sizing is generous and lasts longer than the tag size.”

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Soft jersey dungarees