Hi, I’m Hannah Evans, founder of the British organic baby and kids clothing brand Piccalilly, an industry leading company who take their supply chain very seriously. Here at Piccalilly we design and create lovely little clothing for lovely little people made from the softest organic cotton and manufacturing to the very highest ethical standards. And what makes our clothing so very different from other organic brands is that our approach to creating our clothing works from the ground upwards, working directly from the very start of the supply chain upwards with the Chetna organic cotton farmers all the way through into the fair-trade factory who have manufactured our clothes since we launched in 2006.

Piccalilly Transparent Supply Chain

At Piccalilly we take the interests of our organic cotton farmers very seriously and have chosen to work with a 100% transparent supply chain throughout our clothing manufacturing by purchasing our chemical free organic cotton from Chetna Organic. Caring for the farmers, who are at the start (and the very bottom) of our supply chain, was the starting point for me creating Piccalilly and it remains an important part of how we choose to create our ranges still today. And by taking time out of day to day business to visit and understand our supply chains, visiting the cotton fields, the gin factory, and the factory, has enabled us to stay focused on our principles of fair-trade and social responsibility. We’ve met the day to day people at all stages of manufacturing to see what conditions are like and to discuss the challenges still remains an important part in the process. We created a photographic exhibition called ‘Fairtrade – In The Frame’ to document the process and give focus to the people behind the Piccalilly clothing brand.