Last year, my girls were fortunate to be chosen as Brand Ambassadors for Piccalilly. I was so happy to spread the word about the gorgeous clothing, and Piccalilly’s excellent eco credentials. It’s important to me to choose ethical businesses, and spend my money supporting British companies who trade fairly.

A year on from receiving our clothes, both Ava and Thea are still wearing them, and the dresses in particular have become firm favourites. Piccalilly clothes are more expensive than some high street brands, but I want to show you why I think they are fantastic value.

Do Piccalilly organic kids clothes stand the test of time?

The girls wear these dresses an average of once a week, so they have been washed around 50 times. They are still as soft and comfortable today as they were 50 washes ago. They have kept their shape beautifully. Ava’s Town House dress has kept its gorgeous vibrant colour, and she’s just sad that she’ll soon be too tall for it! Thea’s Forest Tunic dress has faded ever so slightly, but it’s barely noticeable, and still looks fantastic.

Here is a picture of how the girls looked back then, and how they are still wearing these clothes a year later.

Do Piccalilly clothes stand the test of time?
Do Piccalilly clothes stand the test of time?
Piccalilly clothes, one year on.

They still look great, don’t they? I think Ava will have to reluctantly pass hers down to Thea soon, as she’s growing a bit tall for it!

They are also particularly fond of the skirts they were sent. Again, these look as good as new.

Ava will be handing down her clothes to Thea when she gets too big for them, and Thea’s will be handed down to her cousin. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they went to a 3rd or even a 4th child.

Buying organic and fair trade gives you a clear conscience 

In my opinion, it’s well worth spending a little more on high quality, ethically produced clothes like these from Piccalilly. They stand the test of time much better than fast fashion, and you can buy them with a clear conscience. The organic cotton used to produce them is free from harmful chemicals, and is more healthy for the farmers who produce it. The people who make these clothes receive a living wage, plus healthcare and funding for their children’s education and they are child labour free, naturally.

P.S. I believe these dresses are both available, and on sale at the moment. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Guest blog by Becky Pink -

Buying organic and fair trade gives you a clear conscious.
Buying organic and fair trade gives you a clear conscious.