Chetna Organic Farmer - Creating beautifully soft chemical free organic cotton.
Chetna Organic Farmer - Creating beautifully soft chemical free organic cotton.

It’s nearly the start of September and we know many of you are patiently waiting for our next drop. We felt it’s now the right time to update you on new launches. The impact of Covid-19 on us and our supply chains has been a roller coaster and it’s certainly time to take a closer look at how we do business to ensure we come out the other side even stronger and better as an ethical baby & kidswear brand.

After lockdown was announced

Like most businesses in the UK, and globally, the 24 hours after lockdown was announced were worrying times and we saw trade drop significantly before traffic surged significantly on-line. This was countered with our independent bricks and mortar stockists being asked to close just as our summer ranges were delivered into our warehouse. We needn’t have worried they’ve all done an amazing job of reopening and we’re delighted to see they’re bouncing back with tremendous resilience.

We’re now faced with new challenges. Our organic and ethical supply chains are severely impacted as the pandemic works its way across the globe and there are delays in new baby & kids clothes arriving. We’ve worked with the same Indian supply chain since 2006. With limited public transport, strict social distancing and hygiene protocols having been set up things are rightly much slower operationally for our fairtrade factory now, this is something we wanted to share with you. We feel it’s important to be transparent about how they’re currently impacted in order to manage expectation with regards new season launches this season and moving into 2021.

What does the future look like?

It's not business as usual but the beginnings of a new norm are starting to form. As with our own team here at Piccalilly HQ, the safety of the people who make our baby & kids clothes must always come first. It’s not clear when life will return close to where it was before, or indeed whether it will or should. We therefore are rethinking how we do business to adapt to this current situation. Turning a blind eye would be wrong and we believe now is a good time for us to reflect how we operate in order to support our supply chains whilst also being able to bring you the best organic and ethical clothing for your little ones.

The obvious move is towards less seasonal ranges and to move away from the high street calendar of launching strictly within a season. This means if orders cannot be completed on time, it doesn’t matter, because our clothing doesn’t and shouldn’t have a sell by date attached to it. Our aim is to create more timeless collections that are purchased because they’re needed and loved and have a longer-term worth. Having the flexibility to move launches makes us more adaptable and allows us to be fully supportive of the challenges our supply chains are now experiencing.

We thank you for taking the time to read our honest account and we can’t wait to share with you our new ranges when they do arrive.