Piccalilly Muslin Swaddle - Gorgeous baby feet

Our 100% organic cotton muslin swaddling wraps continue to inspire the imagination of new parents globally and have proved to be the hottest new baby must-have item for some years now. But what are they? They’re a lovely lightweight single layered chemical free organic cotton muslin cloth measuring 120 x 120cm in size. But what makes this lovely piece of soft and breathable fabric so very special is the multitude of uses. Once parent’s cotton on to how useful they really are they can never have too many!

Listed below are some great uses for our super soft organic muslins.

* They’re perfect for swaddling a newborn baby. Swaddling is an age-old technique to make a baby feel secure, just like in mummy’s tummy! Fully instructions of how to swaddle are included with our muslin swaddles.

* Softly drape the lightweight muslin over you and your baby while breast feeding. It looks stylish and is the perfect way to discreetly feed your child in public.

* Use as a lightweight cover or as a cot sheet. With over 20 prints to choose from there’s sure to be a colour or design you’ll like.

* The perfect burp cloth for burping your baby and very useful for wiping dribble when you’re out and about.

Piccalilly muslin swaddles are super practical and make a thoughtful newborn baby gift available in a large selection of prints and colours for both baby boys and girls.