Tips and advice on washing and caring for your organic baby & kids clothes
Tips and advice on washing and caring for your organic baby & kids clothes.

Piccalilly baby and kid’s clothes are made from chemical free organic cotton and manufactured to GOTS (Global Organic Textile) Standards, ensuring that the manufacturing process is kind and gentle with minimum impact on our planet. The end result is toxin free and kinder to wear on delicate skin. It therefore makes sense to adopt a similar strategy when washing and caring for your organic baby and kids clothing.

Here at Piccalilly our recommendation is to wash your organic clothes between 30 - 40 degrees. A low temperature wash, using an eco-friendly detergent, should remove most stains and remain energy efficient and better for the environment too.

The choice of detergent is for your own consideration. Choosing natural and eco-friendly detergents versus standard supermarket types comes down to personal preference. There is no right or wrong but there may be different results and different impacts which you will need to weigh up.

We spoke to Caroline Huber, founder of Pure Skin Lab about why people should consider choosing natural and eco-friendly detergents for washing their baby and kid’s clothes. Caroline suggested that there are two main reasons. The first one is that natural products don’t contain the same chemicals that regular detergents do and are less likely to irritate skin, especially important when washing your newborn baby clothes. Secondly, there are environmental considerations too and by choosing natural detergents we protect and preserve our eco-systems in the same way that we protect and preserve them by using organic cotton in the first place. Chemical based detergents can pollute our rivers and damage our natural environment and wildlife.

It’s also worth noting that not all detergents are equal and washing results can vary according to the type of detergent used. There may also be a negative impact on your Piccalilly clothes if the wrong detergent is used. One negative impact we are aware of comes from detergents with optical brighteners and we strongly advise that precaution is taken when using detergents with optical brighteners, especially on colourful clothing. Optical brighteners are used in many detergents to brighten clothing but they can cause coloured clothing to fade. We therefore do not recommend them being used when washing your Piccalilly clothes. Most feedback about Piccalilly clothing fading has been a direct result of detergents with optical brighteners or bleaches being used - so use with caution!

The issue of using a dryer also comes down to personal preference. Here at Piccalilly we advocate drying clothes naturally where possible to reduce your environmental impact and to keep your electricity costs low. Exposing clothing that has tough stains on to direct sunlight can fade the stain, so worth a try on hard to shift marks. However there are occasions when a tumble dryer can come in handy and there are no negative impacts when using a tumble dryer on any of our organic cotton clothing. We are also aware that tumble drying our sherpa fleece lined poncho’s will keep the fleece super soft and fluffy. Please note that we've carried out a 30 minute tumble dry and finished the drying off on a washing line to get a great result.

We’re super keen to offer as much positive advice as possible to our customers on how to keep your Piccalilly clothes in tip top condition and we'll be regularly updating our advice on caring for your Piccalilly clothes as we receive it. We recently asked our Piccalilly Chatterbox Group how they wash and care for our Piccalilly clothes and they came up with some great tips and advice;

  • Wash your coloured clothes inside out to keep them bright and colourful.
  • Expose stubborn stains to sunlight by drying from wet outside on a washing line.
  • Use washing up liquid followed by a cold soak on stains followed by a normal machine wash.

The Piccalilly Chatterbox Group is a a closed Facebook Group of real parents who’s babies and children wear our Piccalilly clothing ranges.