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  • Why is organic cotton clothing better for baby?

    All Piccalilly organic baby clothes are certified to GOTS standards by The Soil Association.

    By choosing GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothes you’re choosing the best clothes for baby and helping to make a difference too.

     No harmful chemicals

    Tests on conventional baby clothes have revealed traces of pesticides, fire retardants, formaldehyde, and dyestuff. These residues potentially cause allergies and irritations, especially on newborn skin. Given that a baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult it’s important to minimize contact with chemicals.

    Kinder to the environment

    Organic farmers use natural techniques and don’t rely on chemical cocktails to control pests and diseases. Instead they use crop rotation and other methods to build healthy soils and grow healthy plants. By contrast, conventional cotton alone is responsible for 16% of all insecticide sold worldwide. Toxic hazardous pesticides can damage eco-systems, poison waterways, and endanger workers who can’t always afford the safety equipment to protect them.

    Softer, durable, and comfortable to wear

    Our organic cotton is not only farmed with more care it’s also hand-picked too. The quality of our long-stapled cotton ensures not only a super soft comfy finish but durability too, which is ideal for baby clothes which seem to need to be washed more frequently that adult clothing.

    Kinder to wear on delicate skin

    Piccalilly organic baby clothes are not only made using chemical and pesticide free organic cotton fibres they’re also processed according to strict standards for ecological and socially responsible production along the whole supply chain. We only use low-impact dyes and inks, meaning they do not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances. So, choosing baby clothes made with organic cotton over non-organic cotton can help reduce the chances of your baby's skin becoming irritated, which is especially important if your child has eczema or just general sensitive skin.

    Choosing Piccalilly organic baby clothes not only offers a great start for your baby it also helps to combat climate change, benefitting the farmers and nature too. Here at Piccalilly we’re created and large range of organic baby clothes for newborns, baby boys and baby girls.  sa_organic_black_rgb (002) gots-logo_web_2018 BABY-GIFTING

  • The Piccalilly on-line shop is still open

    This page is being updated daily and where necessary.

    8.4.2020 (Delivery service update) - We are currently experiencing a larger than normal number of Royal Mail packages with delayed delivery. We have checked with RM directly and they say 'Despite our best endeavours, it is likely that some areas of the country will experience a reduction in service levels due to coronavirus-related absences at their local mail centre or delivery office.' We therefore kindly ask you to be a little more patient waiting for your Piccalilly packages to arrive.

    31.3.20 (update) -  Our on-line shop is still open for business and we continue to monitor the situation and government guidelines daily. As a small locally operated and family run business we have been able to streamline our business and restructure very quickly to enable us to continue to process orders daily. We do not employ staff who commute in and out of the area and the warehouse is operated by a core team from within a 1 mile radius of HQ. We have a Royal Mail scheduled daily collection from our warehouse meaning we do not need to travel to dispatch orders.

    During this unprecedented time we have had to implement a smaller than usual team to ensure that we work safely and to government guidelines. This may mean that orders are dispatched a little later than normal and therefore please allow a little extra time for arrival of your Piccalilly package over the coming months.

    While it may seem trivial to remain open the simple fact is that we have staff and a supply chain that rely on us. We have to keep the show on the road, while it is safe to do so, so that we can do our best to look after them.

    Like everyone else we are doing the best we can and we are very grateful for your support.

    Additional measures introduced include;

    • Keeping an eye on the number of orders being placed daily on the website and restricting where necessary
    • Delaying the launch of our new season Summer ranges

    24.3.20 First and foremost we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

    Our highest priority right now is the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners across the world. Given the strict guidelines and recent lockdown measures the Piccalilly team have reorganised, adapted our daily routines and we remain fully operational to dispatch orders being placed online at this present time.

    Last night (23rd March 2020) the government ordered non-essential retailers to shutdown. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government also released clarifying guidance following the Prime Minister’s announcement which stated: “Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal.”  Whilst this guidance remains in place we will continue to dispatch daily.

    There are currently no delays in the UK postal or courier service but this may be subject to change and we aim to update this page regularly to reflect any changes. Due to problems delivering in Italy at this current moment in time we are not accepting orders on the website to Italy but as soon as we can we will get this back up and running. If this effects you and you would like to place an order for dispatch at a later time please email [email protected] and we can discuss reserving an order.

    With more and more people not being able to leave their homes we wanted to let you know that we’re taking care of our staff to ensure that we can take of you at this tricky time. We have had in operation for some time now appropriate actions and protocols to ensure that our work environment is protected and hygiene is maintained. This includes a strict sanitisation policy for staff on arrival and departure from HQ and daily sanitisation of work stations and touch points throughout the entire building. There is a strict 2 metre rule in place and no visitors are currently allowed on the premises.

    The following changes have taken place with immediate effect and until further notice;

    • Our office and warehouse is closed to all visitors until further notice with the exception of prearranged visits or pick-ups. If you have placed an order on the Piccalilly website for collection at HQ please wait for correspondence about a collection time prior to collection.
    • A skeleton staff is present daily to process orders and answer telephones between the hours of 12 – 4pm daily. Inside and outside these hours we will be working remotely to process orders and get them ready for picking and dispatch.
    • Our skeleton staff are local to HQ and we do not commute in or out of the area.
    • The rest of the Piccalilly team are either working from home or currently on leave.

    All customer enquiries and refunds are being dealt with but please allow up to 48 hours for any email response.

    If you need to speak to someone please call 01729 822288 / +44 (0) 1729 822288 between 12 – 4pm Monday – Friday or email [email protected] and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

  • What can I make with my Piccalilly fabric?

    Create your own Piccalilly ranges. Create your own Piccalilly ranges.









    As our last blog post explained, here at Piccalilly we were alarmed with the amount of fabric being wasted each season and so wanted to do something a little different with our leftover prints. You’ll have seen that we’ve just launched a limited edition collection, made from some of our most previously loved Piccalilly prints.

    Our Upcycle range launched only a few weeks ago and they have been flying out of our warehouse. Not only can you get your hands on one of our limited edition designs, but you can also buy our 100% organic cotton jersey fabric by the metre to make your own creations.

    If you are looking for inspiration, our Piccalilly team have come up with some suggestions :

    • Bags or pouches - Create a little drawstring bag to carry toys and activities for car journeys or restaurant trips.
    • You could also create a pouch for your nappy bag, big enough to store all of your changing essentials
    • Reading corner - You could create a selection of cushions/pillows and if you are feeling adventurous, you could
    • Make a teepee (stressful but worth the outcome)
    • Bunting - Why not make some reusable bunting that you can string up in the nursery, bedroom or playroom.
    • Aprons - If you enjoy baking with your Lovely Little People, you could make matching aprons to wear whilst in the kitchen.
    • Small, stuffed toys - Find a simple pattern online to create little stuffed animal toys. You could always do this as an activity with older children (under close adult supervision of course!)
    • Teddy Bear/dolls clothing - Why should humans have to have all the Piccalilly fun - make some teeny, tiny Piccaliscious clothing for their toys
    • Fancy dress - How about sewing together some dragon wings or a tail - lots of make believe fun to be had here.
    • Headbands/head scarves - Why not add some matching accessories to your Piccalilly outfits
    • And the obvious, create your own bespoke Piccalilly clothing to your exact specification!

    Don’t let this beautifully soft fabric go to waste, create something original that can be loved and handed down.

    Order your fabric today from our website and get sewing.

    What do you think of our ideas? Have you got any more? We’d love to hear them and better still, we’d love to see them.

    Don’t forget to tag us in photos of your creations. #piccaliscious #piccalilly

  • Our NEW Upcycle Collection has arrived

    A limited edition collection made from left over fabric from previous season. Waste is not waste until it's wasted.








    Working sustainably has never been more important to stop the ongoing environmental damage and climate crisis. We simply cannot close our eyes to the fact that our own industry, the textile industry, is responsible for a whopping 10 % of the world’s carbon emissions! The environmental impact of fast and disposable fashion and a broken economic model is taking its toll.

    Production waste throughout the clothing manufacturing process is one of many problems that need addressing in our industry. Surplus and discarded offcuts of fabric, also known as deadstock, are a type of production waste. They’re not openly discussed but we’re convinced that it’s something that clothing brands need to address if they wish to become more sustainable. Surplus fabric and off-cuts get discarded at the end of the manufacturing process and often end up in landfill or burnt. What a shame when you consider how many resources go into the process of creating the fabrics in the first place.

    Here at Piccalilly we’re really proud of our transparent organic cotton supply chain. We value the hard work our Chetna organic cotton farmers put into growing the cotton in the first place and the fair trade processes that take place to create the yarn and fabrics we use in our organic baby and kids clothing ranges.

    Whilst we’ve worked hard with our manufacturing partner to eliminate waste at every stage in the garment production process it’s not always an exact science and from time to time there is left over surplus fabric. We believe we need to take responsibility for our own surplus fabric, and where possible from other brands too.

    So, we’ve got our thinking caps on and we’ve come up with a solution to the problem. We’re incorporating a new collection into our ranges which will incorporate leftover fabrics made from our own previous season unused fabrics. And with the help of our amazing Chatterbox group we’ve re-mixed and reimagined previous season collections to create our first ever UPCYCLE range. After all waste isn’t waste until you waste it!

    This is part of a wider plan here at Piccalilly to ensure our business model is based on best practice and to create a clothing brand that has a positive impact on our planet as well as the people who make our beautifully organic clothes.

    Due to the nature of using short runs of left over previous season fabrics our UPCYCLE collection is strictly limited.

    #zerowaste #reduce #recycle #reuse #upcycle

    Left over production fabric is known as deadstock Left over production fabric is known as deadstock
  • How to create a reverse advent calendar

    Count down to an ethical Christmas 2019 Count down to an ethical Christmas 2019

    Last year the Piccalilly team ditched chocolate advent calendar’s and started the tradition of creating a reverse advent calendar for distribution before Christmas to our local food bank.

    But what is a reverse advent calendar and how does it work?

    The idea is very simple. Instead of opening the door to a little chocolate treat and taking something out, we do the giving and put something in. To symbolise each day of advent a member of the Piccalilly team gifts a donation into the advent box. As we’ve chosen to gift to our local food bank the donations will mainly be food items, but we've also chosen to include toiletries and of course some of our own Piccalilly organic babywear too. Make sure to include not just staple food items but also some treat items like chocolates and Christmas puddings too.

    We start our reverse advent calendar box early, before the start of December, to enable us to take it to our local food bank in time for distribution before Christmas.


    Here’s a step by step guide so you too can make one with your family or work colleagues this Christmas;

    • Pick a charity, organisation or food bank you would like to donate to.
    • Contact the organisation to find out what items they are most in need of and when you should drop them off.
    • Create your box and if you’re collecting in the workplace create a list for everyone to cross check what items would be useful to contribute into the box.
    • Get collecting and let the countdown begin!
    • Finally, make sure to deliver your box in good time ahead of Christmas. We have started our box in the middle of November for gifting to Skipton Food Bank in the middle of December. This way someone can receive a nice parcel in time for Christmas day.
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