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  • The search is now on for brand ambassadors for Autumn Winter 2017 - do you have what it takes?

    Search for next intake of brand ambassadors to champion Piccalilly is now on. Search for next intake of brand ambassadors to champion Piccalilly is now on. Could it be you?

    The Piccalillies are now looking for the next intake of brand ambassadors. Do you have the credentials to come on board and become a cheerleader, spreading the Piccalilly love far and wide? Do you love bright and colourful organic baby and kids clothing? Are you passionate about issues such as fair trade, ethical manufacturing and sustainability. Are you an experienced photographer and can capture the essence of Piccalilly clothing on real kids using you're own distinct style? Are you a blogger or vlogger with a strong audience and the ability to influence and engage both on-line and off-line? Do you hang out on social media and like spreading the word about the things you love? We're now on the look out for inspirational ambassadors with bags of passion and a positive outlook to showcase our ranges and champion our brand for this coming season! There's plenty of FREE clothing from our A/W-17 ranges for your children to wear, plus a big discount off Piccalilly for the coming year.

    Think you've got what it takes and would like to find out more about the role? Drop us an email to info@piccalilly.co.uk with the subject matter CHEERLEADER requesting information and an application form :-)

    The closing date for applications is Thursday 17th August 2017

  • Why is fair trade and organic clothing so important?

    Woohoo! It's our first guest post for the amazing brand, Piccalilly. So I write about fair trade and organic clothing, which is an awesome subject for me. I love to buy the best quality clothes for my little boy. I think it’s quite common for every Mom, right? We only want what's best for our kids so organic clothes should be our first choice.

    We only want what's best for our kids so organic clothes should be our first choice. We only want what's best for our kids so organic clothes should be our first choice.

    Organic clothing

    Do you need an explanation why organic cotton is better than conventional? I will start from the reason that wearing organic fabrics has a major positive impact on your health and the health of our planet. The main benefit of organic materials is that the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides. These chemicals are really harmful for farmers and workers. Also I believe that they can be hazardous to us as consumers, and our entire wildlife eco-systems. And one more important fact is that organic cotton uses far less water than conventional one.

    Now think how can it affect on your baby. As you know a baby’s skin is more porous and thinner than an adult’s skin. It's very sensitive and delicate. That means their skin can absorb more pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. So why would you not choose organic baby clothing for your children, if it's less exposure to toxins? If you are using organic food and cosmetics to protect your baby you should also consider organic clothing too.

    Fair trade

    Unfortunately not everyone knows what fair trade is. I will start from the definition which I found on Fairtade Foundation website. 'With Fair trade you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.'

    Unfortunately not everyone knows what fair trade is Unfortunately not everyone knows what fair trade is.

    For me it's really important who stands behind the brand. I can't imagine that I’d wear something that was made by kids for a 'bowl of rice'. I will always say no to exploitation and inhumane conditions. I want to know that the people who made my baby's clothes got a fair wage, they are working of their own free will and they are working in a safe and clean place.

    Why we love Piccalilly

    Piccalilly has it all. The brand is providing high quality organic clothing. And it's not just any organic cotton. They source their organic cotton from a very special project called Chetna Organic, a fair trade cotton programme with a mission to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers by making their farm systems more sustainable and profitable. How awesome right?

    Piccalilly pay a fair price for their clothing and the result is that the people who make their ranges receive a living wage and extra benefits including free transportation to work, company sponsored meals, healthcare and funding for their children's education. Couldn't be better? There is one more thing. Piccalilly clothes are made for kids, not by kids.

    We couldn't find better a brand than Piccalilly so we will love them for a long time. We couldn't find better a brand than Piccalilly so we will love them for a long time.

    We couldn't find a better brand than Piccalilly so we will love them for a long time :)

    Guest blog post by Katarzyna Michalska - www.ohmummymia.com

  • Model search now on!



    We’re preparing for our next Piccalilly photo shoot which will take place on Wednesday 7th June.  If you think your little one has got modelling potential, loves being in front of the camera and they fit the criteria please email info@piccalilly.co.uk by Wednesday 31st May 2017. We require a maximum of 3 recent images to be sent, details of where you are based and the height of your child.





    Model ages;

    Baby (Male &/or Female) - in clothing size 0-3 months (Height 56 - 64cm)

    Baby (Male &/or Female) - in clothing size 6-12 months. Please note that within this category we are looking for baby's who can sit by themselves unaided and hold there head up. (Height 72-80cm)

    Toddler Girl - fits clothing size 2-3 years (Height 92-98cm)

    Toddler Boy - fits clothing size 2-3 years (Height 92-98cm)

    Girl - fits clothing size 3-4 years (Height 98-104cm)

    Boy - fits clothing size 3-4 years (Height 98-104cm)

    Girl - fits clothing size 7-8 years (Height 122-128cm)

    Boy - fits clothing size 7-8 years (Height 122-128cm)

    Your child must fit one of the above the descriptions . We work to a limited set of clothing sizes for photo shoot purposes so will only be able to consider models within these size ranges. Please note that the clothes fit is more important than the age of the child - therefore if you have a 3 year old who is still wearing 2 year clothes then it is fine to put them forward for the photo shoot. Short listed models will be invited to a fit session to assess suitability for the photo shoot.

    The photo shoot is taking place near Settle, North Yorkshire - we will only be considering models from within the Settle / Skipton / Kirkby Lonsdale / Clitheroe area.

    All models used on the day will receive a Piccalilly voucher.

  • Not for boys. Not for girls. Clothes for children.

    18119238_674137269455846_7389240717958683392_n Gender neutral clothing - for girls & boys - by Piccalilly

    Piccalilly have asked me to guest post for them. Pretty exciting as I've never produced a guest post before. They wanted someone to write about unisex clothing. This is a subject that I have been meaning to write about for sometime as having a boy and a girl it has become something that at times has really frustrated me.

    I admit that I do love a dress. I suppose after boys clothes shopping for 8 years it's a nice change to look at all the lovely girls clothes or is it simply that girls clothes are better than boys? Should it not be that girls and boys clothes all come under the same section. Thankfully this is changing.

    How different it was in the early 1900s, when blue was for girls and pink for boys.

    I found this quote from DressMaker magazine. "The preferred colour to dress young boys in is pink. Blue is reserved for girls as it is considered paler, and the more dainty of the two colours, and pink is thought to be stronger (akin to red)."The Women's Journal explained it thus: "That pink being a more decided and stronger colour, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.

    I am not sure when the change happened and the obsession with girls in pink and boys in blue started but thankfully the days of walking into a children's clothes shop and being faced with rails of pink clothes for girls and blue clothes for boys are fading.

    More and more retailers, both high street and independent, are making clothes available to every child, whatever their gender. Companies like Piccalilly have taken steps to make this easier for us all to choose by getting rid of the boy and girl selection option. You simply choose what clothes you like not what should be for a particular gender. They recently announced a new structure to there 'Baby & Toddler' section which removed the gender from the main category structure to enable you to shop all the ranges without having to move between girls, boys and unisex, many of which were duplicated.

    The other thing I have noticed is the difference in quality. This is going to sound crazy but on many occasion I have noticed boys clothes often feel different to girls clothes.  Boys clothes often feel thicker, better quality than girls. It's as if manufacturers feel that boys clothes need to be more robust. Girls clothes can feel thin and often shrink and become more tired than boys clothes. Shopping in the winter can leave me asking, don't girls get cold? Don't even get me started on swimming costumes for girls. I was horrified recently when looking at costumes for my two year old. Why on early would by daughter at two years of age want a costume with splits down the sides?! Thankfully all of the clothes I have purchased from Piccalilly have been thick and beautifully made. All the clothes are organic making them super soft and super strong. The way my children wear them, they need to be tough and comfortable. They are to feral to put up with tight fitting clothing.

    I wonder how much pushing children in a particular way of dress effects how they feel later in life. How much does it effect the person they become. If I dress my daughter like a Tom boy (a term I can't stand) does that make her less feminine in the future?! Of course it does not. It just means she learns to drive a tractor in a frock!

    Guest post by Vicky Lane - Earth Based Fun www.earthbasedfun.com

  • The perfect fit - Finding clothes to fit over a cloth nappy

    Cloth Nappy I adore my real nappies

    My name's Kerry aka Fluffy, I'm mummy to two beautiful girls Little Squidge and Puddle. Together we run Fluffy & Squidge making handmade crochet clothing we also have a blog that runs alongside documenting our adventures which we're never short of ?

    So this week has been real nappy week Wohooo! anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my real nappies, my friends all say that I have OND (obsessive nappy disorder) if anybody mentioned real nappies near me you couldn't hide the look of horror on Mr Squidge's face as I squealed like a giddy child and promptly started an hour long speech on how amazing real nappies are.

    From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Little Squidge I knew the one thing that I wanted to do was use reusable nappies, even though lots of people said I wouldn't stick it out and they'd give me a month at most!

    I spent hours pouring over the internet reading about the different brands and the different types after finally settling on a brand I ordered my nappies and by the time that they arrived the seed was sown I was truly hooked, I didn't even have a baby yet! Who cares though pretty nappies ?

    Little Squidge arrived 2 weeks early weighing 5lbs 8oz and baby Puddle arrived 4 weeks early weighing a tiny 5lbs, they both went straight into my tiny nappies and they were a great fit just looking at their tiny squidgy bottoms filled my heart with such joy.

    Everything was going well until I hit my first bump getting clothes to fit, I quickly realised that clothing on the high street was really hit and miss with a cloth bummed baby. I would struggle to find trousers that were comfy on the bottom without being too tight, I'd have to size up and then they ended up being huge on the waist with super long legs which tend to look silly on my tiny girls.

    Then we started using other brands our favourite being Piccalilly their clothing is cut for cloth so is perfect for big bums especially now Puddle is on the move! We love them so much we have recently become brand ambassadors for them.

    Our favourite cloth nappy clothes are from Piccalilly Our favourite cloth nappy clothes are from Piccalilly

    When looking for clothing for cloth bums it needs to be soft fabric that's got plenty of room without looking like you've dressed your baby in a sack, if the clothing is too tight you end up with compression leaks which of course no one wants.

    There needs to be enough stretch and movement in the fabric so that Puddle can move around at ease, we used to find especially with Dungarees that within moments of putting them on her they'd be huge gaping holes between the legs where the popper's had come undone.

    I also wanted clothes that had bold prints and bright colours, neither of my girls are particularly girly girls so pink frills are a no go here, Little Squidge much prefers her superhero costumes if it's got a cape she's sold.

    In short if Puddle can move around and cause havoc whilst looking comfy then we're onto a winner these comfy reversible Dungarees and stripy romper from Piccalilly's new summer range are perfect, they tick all the boxes and will see Puddle right through the summer months ?

    Look for soft clothing when looking to for clothing for cloth nappies Look for soft clothing when looking to for clothing for cloth nappies

    So there we have it, what to look for when your looking for clothing to fit a cute squishy cloth bummed baby. We absolutely love our Piccalilly clothes they are perfect for any cloth bummed adventurer. The fun prints and comfy material means they always stand out from the crowd were never short of compliments when we're out rocking our Piccalilly.

    Piccalilly's new summer ranges are perfect, they tick all the boxes. Piccalilly's new summer ranges are perfect, they tick all the boxes.

    Piccalilly's fun prints and comfy material means they stand out from the crowd! Piccalilly's fun prints and comfy material means they stand out from the crowd!

















    Guest blog post by Kerry Durrant from Fluffy & Squidge

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